With ContentLock, you are given the option of locking contents in company presentations. You choose what content you want to lock. Everything from text boxes, shapes, images, entire slides or entire presentations can be locked, so that users cannot edit the content.


  • – Adapt charts to your company’s visual identity with a single click.
  • – Make charts visually correct, so you can easily reuse them in the likes of reports and presentations.
  • – Easy access to formatting tools to fine tune chart layouts.
  • Always the right fonts and colours in all your company’s graphs and charts.
  • -You can implement CorporateCharts in PowerPoint, Word and Excel to guarantee a consistent visual expression.


  • – Safeguards your company’s visual identity in tables in Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
  • – Provides staff with easy access for formatting tables in accordance with your company’s visual identity.
  • – Customises and individualises tables – within the framework of your company’s visual identity.
  • – Reduces the time spent on formatting tables.
  • – The option of implementing designs, which are not standard in Office suite.


  • With CorporateInfographics, there are no more colleagues getting material for infographics from e.g. Google and using them in presentations. CorporateInfographics is a tool that ensures a rigorous and easy application of the visual identity at all levels of a presentation, and make it easy for users to quickly and efficiently create informative infographics.
  • Enterprise solution for watchlist management, sanctions and PEP screening which enables your financial applications to comply with AML & CTF regulations, using our single endpoint enterprise level Backend-as-a- Service (BaaS). 
  • Colibo is a modern social intranet and collaboration platform that unifies your entire digital workplace and delivers a seamless employee experience across all departments and across all devices. We are the front door to all your business tools and unique in so many ways that we dare to say that we are the intranet platform you’ll actually use and the last intranet you’ll ever need.
  •              SkillsTX truly believe in employee empowerment and this is clearly illustrated in our Planner console. People own skills and their                       employers rent  them. SkillsTX have pedigree with access to some of the most experienced SFIA consultants across the globe.



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