SkabelonDesign is a market leader when it comes to the implementation of visual identity and the design of client-specific template solutions in the Microsoft Office suite.

Facts about SkabelonDesign

  • ●  Founded in 2004
  • ●  Number of employees in 2019: 50
  • ●  Number of users of SkabelonDesign solutions:
          Ca. 1.100.000
    1. ●  Number of client projects implemented (development,
          software, templates, deployment and roll-out):
          approximately 400
  • ●  Microsoft Independent Software Vendor, Cloud Accelerate
          Partner & Microsoft Office Specialists
  • ●  Percentage of clients in the private sector: 60%
  • ● Percentage of clients in the public sector: 40%
  • ●  Number of clients in C20 index: 17
templafy_512px_blue (1)
Templafy have solved the problem of Document Anarchy and they want to make sure the businesses who need it most – i.e. the multi-national, multi-language, multi-brand and multi-jurisdictional enterprises – know about it.
Developing software with a focus on the user – on what
will be the easiest and most efficient experience for them – is what makes Templafy’s solution so powerful. And it’s a philosophy they carry over to all parts of the business.

Facts about Templafy

  • ●  Software as a service provider (SaaS) founded in 2008
  • ●  Number of employees in 2019: 200
  • ●  Number of users of Templafy: Ca 250 public and
          private enterprises
  • ●  Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • ●  Automates branding and optimises template productivity
  • ●  Leverages the cloud inside Office applications to achieve
          enterprise-wide governance and productivity
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