SkabelonDesign is a market leader when it comes to the implementation of visual identity and the design of client-specific template solutions in the Microsoft Office suite.

Facts about SkabelonDesign

  • ●  Founded in 2004
  • ●  Number of employees in 2019: 50
  • ●  Number of users of SkabelonDesign solutions:
          Ca. 1.100.000
    1. ●  Number of client projects implemented (development,
          software, templates, deployment and roll-out):
          approximately 400
  • ●  Microsoft Independent Software Vendor, Cloud Accelerate
          Partner & Microsoft Office Specialists
  • ●  Percentage of clients in the private sector: 60%
  • ● Percentage of clients in the public sector: 40%
  • ●  Number of clients in C20 index: 17
templafy_512px_blue (1)
Templafy have solved the problem of Document Anarchy and they want to make sure the businesses who need it most – i.e. the multi-national, multi-language, multi-brand and multi-jurisdictional enterprises – know about it.
Developing software with a focus on the user – on what
will be the easiest and most efficient experience for them – is what makes Templafy’s solution so powerful. And it’s a philosophy they carry over to all parts of the business.

Facts about Templafy

  • ●  Software as a service provider (SaaS) founded in 2008
  • ●  Number of employees in 2019: 200
  • ●  Number of users of Templafy: Ca 250 public and
          private enterprises
  • ●  Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • ●  Automates branding and optimises template productivity
  • ●  Leverages the cloud inside Office applications to achieve
          enterprise-wide governance and productivity

Ripped Orange has been helping businesses get more from their computing systems since 2001. Their team of experienced trainers don’t just know the technology, they understand how to apply it to business.

Business user computer training, Microsoft, Apple, Google and Workflow Max. Microsoft Office Training Experts.

Facts about Ripped Orange

  • ●  Founded in 2001
  • ●  Number of employees in 2019: 6
  • ●  Number of client project implemented )development, software, templates, deployment and roll-out): approx: 200+
  • ●  Microsoft Certified Partner.

Regulatory Compliance in the Cloud

Our enterprise solution for watchlist management, sanctions and PEP screening enables your financial applications to comply with AML & CTF regulations, using our single endpoint enterprise level Backend-as-a- Service (BaaS).

Facts about Clear View Systems

  • ●  Founded in 2003
  • ●  Number of employees in 2020: 20
  • ●  Number of users of solutions: 1000+
  •  ●  Number of client projects implemented: 400

Colibo is a modern social intranet and collaboration platform that unifies your entire digital workplace and delivers a seamless employee experience across all departments and across all devices.

Facts about Colibo

  • ●  Founded in 2012
  • ●  Number of employees in 2020: 30
  • ●  Number of users of solutions: 125,000
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