Message Creation

Create a customised message for each campaign based on sales and marketing objectives

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List of Companies Creation

Identify the appropriate companies to contact

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Research of Companies for numbers and contacts.

Research relevant details of contact persons and other information relevant to the success

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Making Calls

To make up to 8 phone calls to try to establish a conversation with a company.
Example contacts in a company maybe: CIOs, IT Managers, Infrastructure Managers, Business Systems Managers, CEOs/GMs, Operations Managers or other relevant decision makers.

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Provide Information

To provide relevant marketing information in regards to your solutions and services on as needed basis.

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When the prospect has specific needs or interest then the next step will be to send a confirmation email to the prospect followed by sending you the lead information generated from the call which will detail the needs of the customer and suggested next steps (Meeting booked or a customer requested a call directly on a specific date).

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